April 29, 2024

ForSysXR – A new way of running ForSysX through the open-source R platform

A new way of streamlining ForSys runs and incorporating scenario planning into existing workflows is ForSysXR, an R package to setup and run ForSysX from R using Windows batch files and DLL wrappers.

ForSysXR improves planning efficiency by automating maps and generating reports with standard ForSys outputs such as cumulative attainment and project-level outcomes. It can be incorporated into existing workflows allowing spatial dataset creation and modification to feed directly into ForSysX, with ForSys outputs immediately available for analysis.

ForSysXR interactive report maps.

ForSysXR was developed to iterate consecutive ForSys runs, allowing the treated landscape from the initial run to be input into the next run.  It was applied to the problem of co-prioritizing fuel break network treatments with restoration treatments on a landscape in eastern Oregon (Aparício In review). A restoration project is identified optimizing on a specific objective (for example, overstocked stands) within a specific distance from an existing fuel break network project (fig. 1a below) then those stands are removed from consideration for building the next restoration project (fig. 1b). The process continues until the desired number of projects are identified.

Figure 1. ForSys identifies restoration projects within a specified distance of existing fuel break network (FBN) projects (illustrated in dark grey) by iterating stand selection for each FBN-project. a) Restoration project identified by ForSys within a specified distance from an existing fuel break network project, b) next restoration project built by ForSys after stands identified for treatment in 1a are removed from availability, c) third restoration project built after stands identified for treatment in 1a and 2b are removed from availability, and d) final treatment outcome at end of iterative ForSys run.

ForSysXR is currently available through GitHub upon request. Contact Michelle Day (michelle.day@usda.gov) for access.

Aparício, B.A., Bunzel, K., Day, M. and Ager, A. (2024). ForSysXR: A R package to execute C++ (ForSysX) version of the ForSys scenario planning model. R package version 0.9. Available at https://https://github.com/forsys-sp/ForSysXR.

Aparício, B.A., Ager, A.A., Day, M.A., In review. Maximizing opportunities for co-implementing fuel break networks and restoration projects. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change.




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